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r_g_word's Journal

Ray And Gerard Did NOT Have Sex on the Beach
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This is a no-plot comic started by myself (artisticmuddle) and a friend of mine (crystaldust203). It actually started way back when but as of late it started into a giant comic explosion. There are only stick figures despite the fact that we CAN draw. (Trust us on that one…even just a little bit.)

This will also forever be on lined paper as it just seems to work. Even the comics that don’t LOOK like they’re on lined paper actually ARE. XD My scanner just takes a liking to certain notebook paper to another. It’s picky like that – don’t even bother questioning it.

All of these are done quickly and without much thought behind it. Whatever happens, happens. XD It’s usually done within the early school hours so either we’re not fully awake or we’re just out of our minds with boredom. If you like it, that’s awesome – join. And possibly go harass your friends.

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You guys can e-mail anyone of the oh-so-special people in this comic. Feel free! It gives us ideas for more comics and it proves to be highly amusing… Spam us for all we care! It’ll end up in some form of a comic and it’ll just appease the masses!

Send all e-mails to:


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We ENJOY random art! If you are already a member you’ll notice we’ve drawn Ray and Gerard wherever we’ve gone and taken photos of it. If you want to join in on this please go ahead and do it yourself! Even if you take photos and draw them later on Photoshop or something we’ll TAKE it! Trust me we really enjoy this sort of stuff so start drawing!

If you’d rather just draw something and e-mail it you’re welcome to do that as well! Just send it all to the e-mail above so we can reach it directly instead of it being sent to spam through AOL or whatever through our own accounts. ANYTHING is fine by us! It doesn’t have to be stick figures, either.

Nothing too vulgar, either… XDDD We don’t need LJ harassing us as well.

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Want to be an affiliate? That’d be super! Just send us a link back to your community or website and we’ll post you up here. Be sure to have a button! We’ll be making more buttons as we go along so forgive the lack of creativity at the moment…


Please save to your own computer – Photobucket doesn’t appreciate the hot-linking madness.

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Alright, sadly… We do NOT own My Chemical Romance or anyone affiliated with them. We did this strictly for fun and for the amusement of our newly found fans. I’m pretty sure they are nothing as we depict them as but it’s funny to think about none-the-less. We are NOT making money off of this…so don’t sue us. XD Please?

If MCR ever DOES read this… we are very sorry and at the very least we hope you guys get a good laugh out of it. If this does cause mental scarring we apologize but we cannot and will not be paying for any therapeutic needs.

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