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A Happy Birthday Indeed... x)

Thanks for everythin' guys. I have a few things to address, too.

1) To those who sent the request to affiliate with this comic - resend it please?
2) Are any of you guys on Facebook? And if so...
3) Would you guys want a group?

Good stuff. That last comic was something I found while going through ALL those papers. I have NO idea if I already posted it or not. I should really go back and re-tag everything. Too bad I'm lazy.


Much love~ ♥

PS - Many LOL's to the gay porn website invites we keep getting in our e-mail account. It never fails with us. Seriously. Kirsty, it's not funny. Cut it out. ;D We know you're mad cause you lost the 'war' but it's time to let go. xDD
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