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Alright all our darling fans… I’m sad to announce we’re going to be going on an indefinite hiatus. (Not that we haven’t had long pauses in between comics before…) Today is my last “day” in Jersey – more like last few hours. It’s treated me well over the last 18 and soon to be ½ year. I love it here and I truly believe that if you haven’t lived here for a super long time or even been born here it isn’t really that special. Then again, it does have 4/5 of MCR…

I am moving to Ohio as I had said before. The issue with getting me to stay sort-of fell through. (*cough* If you want a commission I made a public entry in my LJ about thaaaaaaat... ;D *cough*) I am planning to come back here in a year for school, however. HOPEFULLY I will get into the Joe Kubert School of Cartooning and Graphic Art. I want nothing more to be a graphic novelist and will risk everything to do it. Shien will be attending UMass this September – so wish her luck, okay? :D

We don’t really have somewhere to LIVE when we get there so I will be stuck at my grandmother’s sister’s house who is insanely religious (while I am not) and doesn’t have cable TV and only has dial-up which I’m pretty positive I will not be able to use unless I sneak downstairs at like insane hours of the night. If I was younger – I’d support this for being child abuse. XD;; It’s gonna suck especially since everything is in boxes and even though I refused to pack my PC and it’s coming with me in the car, I can’t really post anything if I get the chance to use it. I’ll do my best to make up tons of comics to come back and post with but I fear that without Shien and the fact that most of these are based off real life scenarios it just won’t be the same. Ohio is pretty fucking boring (at least in Warren…).

So yeah, that’s that and I’m really sorry about this. I’ll do my best to get something up but I really hope we just find a place ASAP or there will probably be some heated arguments about me being bored or not going to church or something like that.

): I really love you guys – you’re fricken awesome and I hope you don’t want to ditch us cause of this. We’ll try our best!!!

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