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A Happy Birthday Indeed... x)

Thanks for everythin' guys. I have a few things to address, too.

1) To those who sent the request to affiliate with this comic - resend it please?
2) Are any of you guys on Facebook? And if so...
3) Would you guys want a group?

Good stuff. That last comic was something I found while going through ALL those papers. I have NO idea if I already posted it or not. I should really go back and re-tag everything. Too bad I'm lazy.


Much love~ ♥

PS - Many LOL's to the gay porn website invites we keep getting in our e-mail account. It never fails with us. Seriously. Kirsty, it's not funny. Cut it out. ;D We know you're mad cause you lost the 'war' but it's time to let go. xDD
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Stickin' around?

.... oh Homura...

Kirsty would send us gay porn, she sent us enough PENISES DAMNIT
Gotta be lame. It's our job, man. D:

This is very true. She's probably sending more spam as we speak.


9 years ago


9 years ago


9 years ago

Ahahah, stickin' around .. you're both lame. XD
Huevos, hahah, NO.
Poor Frank, so short.
I would like some muffins. Blueberry, Banana-nut, chocolate, mmmm.. you know what I like. Make them!
XDD! This coming from the person who said doing laundry was "loads" of fun.
Huevos owns your soul, obviously.
He really is.

Deleted comment

x) I'm glad we help~

True that! Ah well - that's not even where inspiration for Dark!Gerard came from. Actually, I think it just showed up. xD
ahhhh so much comic love!!!!
happy birthday/anniversary/whatever!!!!
2) yes facebook!!!! make a group and i will join it. or create it!!!
and, you've gotten every single character i can think of.
brb: time machine to the past year of r_g_word comics.
i love you guys. you are part of the reason my senior year was hilarious. thank you. :D
:D Thanks!

Okay! We're in the process of making it. We'll make a post when it's done or somethin'.

Good! I forget a lot of characters so.. yeah.


*gives anniversary cake* Enjoy!
:DDDDDDD Thanks~


9 years ago

i adore the comic.
my fav is dark gerard :3
xP Glad he has fans~


October 6 2007, 20:31:46 UTC 9 years ago

i adore the comic.
my fav is dark gerard :3
Wow, it's been a year already?
It seems so much shorter..
I remember reading r_g_word for the first time (thank you minimcr), and thinking what an awesome comic it was.

Happy anniversary. =)
Here's to another year. *throws confetti*

P.S.: That Halloween post was golden. <3
Scary right? D:

Thanks, though! :D And hopefully we'll get back into doing this again. Hopefully.

Agreed on the Halloween post thing. That and 'Sexy Back' are probably my favs.


9 years ago

XD awesome comic.

I love the group picture with Grenady. lol

Good times w/ Grenady.
Awww Bono :3 I missed you so much *pets* AND O HAY JESUS.
xD! He should be killing off AIDS but ah well.

Jesus was never actually IN it but we thought he should be. ;D

All them characters bring back memories.

zomg! a facebook group would own... I only got facebook the otherday and yeah.. would make it more amazing.

xP As soon as we get one up and running we'll make a post~
awww happy 1 year you guys. :D
oh no the AIDS octopus came back. LoL.XD
Keep rockn' out you guys, your doing an awesome job;
& you two made my day better
[I have a stupid cold]
Happy Birthday!! r_g_word has added so much to my MCR experience, thank you!!

a year already?? O_O

so kawai!!!! xD lol (im excited with japanese*_* xDD)

while i read the names of all the people who showed up on the comic i laugh a lot *_*

LETS KILL AIDS!!!!!!!!!!!xD

i want some ray's birds u_u


have a nice day!!! =D

and so many thanks for the days of happyness *_* xDDDD

happy b-day :D:D:D... thanks for having us really entertained (is that's how is supposed to be written.. sorry if it's not)

wish ya the best
YAY Happy Birthday R_G_WORD!
Wow, all the characters especially the black swan/goose animal thingy Huevos! WOOOO!

Awesome. ^^

you make it sound like this is the end though... it's not really the end is it? Please tell me I'm just reading way too much into things... :(/:)

you guys rock. I love the group picture. Mikey looks like he's saying "MY COFFEE! No, you can't have any!"
yey post! (that is very relvant here atm, our post guys are on strike...anyways)
lol yey for the lame pun!
and the thing with the foghorn, yeah i've done something to that effect, went in my sisters room shouting random song, then demanded toast...good times good times...i so needed this comic today! i had to look after 8 5 year olds, plus not get them lost in the 80 other 5 year olds (T_T) stress! yeah so anyway..yey for post!
ah lol at the irony that the 6th is also MY birthday.

you are seriously the FUNNIEST people ever! my comics will never beat nor come close to yours. i am also giving up on photoshop. congrats on one year. ps can you help me? i don't know how to put links to my comics on my LJ. right now you gotta click on the picture to look at it which is super dee dooper annoying.
stick mikey makes me smile xP

would you like to be my affiliate? C:
You know, the FCC really should crack down on you guys soon. All those naked pictures all over this comm... They need some censor bars!