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Hello from Ohio! *cringes at the thought* ...Shien is up in MA and I'm stuck here. HOWEVER! I have my PC and internet set up which is nice and Shien settled down with her NEW SCANNER so you guys may get some things still.

PLUS r_g_word's birthday is apparently the 6th of October according to LJ. xD It could be lying to us but we're just going to stick with that. I think it said the 6th at least. I don't even remember right now.

Shien and I decided on something like this to grant you oh-so-loyal fans with. ;D It may not make a whole lot of sense but getting back into drawing the stick figures was totally worth it. Sorry no color besides the actual little logo thingy. I'm lazy and this the way it always was (though I colored in Gerard and Frank's hair before).

xDDDD Enjoy. Especially you, Kirsty. Cause laughing evily over MSN doesn't really explain much to you.

Much love ♥,
Homura & Shien
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